We appreciate choosing a surgeon and a clinic is a difficult decision, therefore it’s important that you are comfortable with the costs. Also that you choose a surgeon that has the correct expertise and experience for your procedure.

Because procedures like rhinoplasty and facial surgery are unique to our patients based on their requirements and needs, so fees will vary per person.

Please contact us for a more detailed discussion about our fees.

First Consultation Fees

Before any treatment, you will have an initial consultation. This consists of a review of your medical history, clinical examination and a full discussion of your requirements and any concerns. Clinical photographs may be taken as required and the full procedure will be discussed with you.

An initial consultation fee in London is £250 plus £180 for a follow up.

An initial consultation fee in Bahrain is 40BD plus 25BD for a follow up.

Any additional tests will be charged extra.

Following the consultation, a full breakdown of all further fees for the procedure will be provided.

Fees are payable after your appointment and payment can be made by cash, cheque,
credit or debit card.

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